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Marquis Theatre

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In Memory

     The Marquis Theatre, a historic Northville landmark, is a beautifully restored Victorian building with nearly eighty years of rich history and tradition. Elegantly designed, it was originally built as an opera house, then later presented vaudeville, featuring some of the finest acts of its time. During this era, Charlie Chaplin and Mary Pickford were among the many stars who appeared on the Marquis Theatre stage.

     The Zayti Family purchased the Marquis in 1971 and began its restoration in 1978. Working alongside the crew, they discovered many hidden treasures. The theatre's original French glass doors were found intact under plywood panels. Craftsmen removed eight coats of paint to reveal the original splendor of the black walnut ticket booth. The handsome old brass door handles were found backstage and were painstakingly restored to their original condition and now stand proudly at the lobby entrance.

     The interior of the theatre has been extensively refurbished. The area in the lobby, where the beautiful stained glass windows are now located, was once an open space. It allowed patrons for a mere 5 cents to listen to and enjoy the live entertainment of the day. The lushly upholstered seats, with wrought-iron framework, were chosen to recreate the Victorian design.

     The Marquis has presented the hit musicals Camelot, Oklahoma, Peter Pan, Carousel, Gypsy, A Little Night Music and Annie and top performers Count Basie, Woody Herman, The Ink Spots, The Pied Pipers, The Four Lads, The Harmonicats, and The Four Freshman. The Marquis Theatre is also home to the Marquis Theatre Children, a talented group of children who continue to entertain young audiences with excellence in Children's Theatre.


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